Moore Jackson Community Garden on Korean Public Television

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) filmed part of their New York segment for "Oh My Garden" in our very own community garden in October 2019. They interviewed the two founders about how operations work on a weekly basis. Check out that portion of the episode on YouTube that aired in late December 2019.

Samantha Yeung discussing the daily operations of the garden and how we have an honesty policy that allows volunteers to take home their share of healthy veggies and herbs that were grown right here in their backyard.

Elizabeth O'Connor sharing some of the tasks that volunteers perform daily and weekly from breaking down fallen tree branches to watering garden beds.

PBS/thirteen's Cyberchase Valentine's Day Episode Filmed at Moore Jackson Community Garden

The crew and actors for Cyberchase on PBS/thirteen filmed at our community garden in late August 2019. The animated portion of "A Garden Grows in Botlyn" episode was about Ren and the Cybersquad working together to make and unlikely space into a beautiful garden. The "For Real" segment was about germinating seeds in the Winter to plant in the Spring. The crew appreciated the room they had for equipment and taking breaks, and we even got to consult on the logistics of planting in raised garden beds so the content was as accurate as possible. The show aired Valentine's Day, 2020.

Animated portion of the Cyberchase episode where Ren and his friends start a community garden in an abandoned lot on Carroll Street. Sound familiar?

The result of the Cybersquad's hard work paid off. They even transformed a discarded subway car into a container garden for neighbors to visit and enjoy.

"For Real" characters Jaden teaching Kimie about what it takes to grow vegetables and how you need to give them room to grow in the soil, not dirt.

Jaden showing viewers how he germinated seeds on his windowsill and was able to later transplant them to the beds in his community garden in the Spring.