Moore Jackson Cemetery
and Community Garden

Moore Jackson Cemetery

This landmark-protected colonial-era cemetery is located in Woodside, New York. It is the family burial ground of the Moores and Jacksons dating back to 1733. Their Dutch farmhouse stood on the southwest portion of the property from 1705 to 1901.

In September of 2017, a revitalization project was formed, comprised of engaged citizens whose mission was to preserve and share its history while beautifying the space.

Moore Jackson Community Garden

Formed in 2018, countless local and corporate volunteers came together, rolled up their sleeves, and created a space on the 'Farmhouse' portion of this half acre for neighbors to grow together, both literally and figuratively.

We started by planting flowers alongside our 51st Street sidewalk and then graduated to herbs and vegetables in our raised garden beds, donated and built by volunteers.

The space also doubles as a community hub for events like arts and crafts activities and movie nights that are open to all.

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